Welcome to Port Mahadia.


Port Mahadia brings together a group of true rock heavy weights. Drawing from their inspirations in the music world PM takes progressive rock in a new direction.

Influenced by bands and musicians such as Dream Theater, ELP, Kansas, Rush, Yes and Mozart, Port Mahadia has evolved into a style and sound of their own.

This is the next level of progressive rock.

The band currently consist of:

Erinn Waggoner - Bassist & Vocals



Johnny Anderson - Guitar


Justin Emmerson - Drums


Past band members and Guest musicians are,

Rusty Clutts - Drums
Cameron Castle - Guitar
Dave Gilbert - Vocals
Damian Wilson - Vocals (Threshold, Rick Wakeman)
Natalie Grace Chua - Vocals
Will Shaw - Vocals (Unflexablegrace)
Sol Yamil - Vocals (The Third Grade)
William O'Connell - Keyboards
Jared Hill - Keyboards
Kerry Shacklett - Keyboards (Presto Ballet)
Tracy Silverman - Violin
David Ragsdale - Violin (KANSAS)
Hugh McDowell - Cello (ELO the Electric Light Orchestra)

Other contributors,
David Lee - Narration
Riccardo Bacchi - Steel Guitar

ECHOES IN TIME is a Theme Prog album. It begins as a man walks upon a beach where the wreckage of a ship is strewn. At that same time on a distant hill, the Captain of the ship is being laid to rest. The man on the beach finds the Ships Log and begins to read the Captains accounts of his final voyage.

The songs are meant to be about the progression of the voyage but at the same time following the stages of a mans life from boyhood to old age. The voyage begins as the Captain is eager to sail to unknown lands. As the voyage continues he begins to question his past and choices made. In the end he must face his own mortality. There are a few "Log Entries" as you hear the Captains thoughts as he records in the Log.

At the close of the cd, once again the man on the beach finishes the reading of the Log. He then remarks, "The Captain is me". This leaves the listener to decide if he saw parralells in his own life to the Captain or was he the disembodied spirit of the Captain awaiting his final voyage across the universe.

QUANTUM SPACE began as a departure from the 1st cd to be a bit more "Avant Garde" and perhaps an EP. But as it progressed we decided make a full cd and track a couple of originals as well. The songs would all be a homage to the elders of Prog that we admire as well as a couple originals. There are covers from such Prog greats as KANSAS, ELP, UK, RUSH, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd, YES, The Beatles and of course some of our own Port Mahadia.

HIDDEN DIMENSIONS will be the third cd for Port Mahadia. Once again this will be a Theme cd. This one, we hope will include some Orchestration as well as contributions on both sides of the Atlantic. Perhaps some very surprising quest contributions too.